About UALL

The Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) seeks to champion the broader definition of lifelong engagement with universities through part-time flexible provision offering personal, community and vocational development. It does so through advocacy in policy development, dissemination of information on policy, practice and funding through a lively programme of events, and through research and publication. UALL is structured to respond to change in higher education: for example the developing emphasis on public engagement and the university as a regional resource.

UALL is a membership subscription organisation, a registered UK charity, and is governed by a formal constitution. Each member institution nominates one or more individuals to the Council, the primary voting and decision-making body. The Executive Committee assists the Council in preparation and prioritising of agendas.

Areas of strategic focus

  • Works and Learning
  • Community and Research
  • Student Experience
  • Flexible pedagogy and New Technologies
  • International

A key strength is the work of organised Networks in linking strategy to practice.

Networks enable staff drawn from across member institutions – from senior managers to practitioners and administrators –  to engage directly with colleagues across the UK in disseminating intelligence on, and developing policy and funding and communities of practice.


UALL provides leadership in representing part-time/flexible formal and informal learning, public engagement, widening participation, and other similar activities to policy makers, funders and policy-making bodies.

UALL works to influence policy in part-time and lifelong engagement in higher education by:

  • Lobbying and influencing policy
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Research and publications

Areas of current policy focus for UALL include:

  • Widening participation and access
  • Student experience
  • Employer engagement
  • Work and learning
  • Public engagement
  • International
  • Flexible pedagogy and new technologies


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