2023 UALL and SCUTREA Conference






The University of Cambridge

Global Citizenship and Lifelong Learning’ was the theme of the 2023 conference of the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) and Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA). The Conference was held 26-28 June 2023, hosted by the University of Cambridge. Topics explored included:


Lifelong Learning for a Changing World:

  • Shifting practice responding to new priorities of governments
  • Micro-credentials, credit transfer, apprenticeships, and the Lifetime Learning Entitlement
  • Imperatives for different forms of adult education and lifelong learning
  • The role of place and knowledge exchange


Creating Solidarity and Possibility in the Face of Democracies in Crisis:

  • Responding to the human impacts of war, climate crisis, migration, and displaced persons
  • Addressing the needs of different groups through responsive practices and innovations in access, engagement, and participation
  • Democracy, citizenship, and the “permanent national necessity” of adult education


Awards Presented During the Conference Included:

  • Innovation (Winner) – Professor John Butcher: Access Modules at The Open University: A good place to start.
  • Innovation (Runner-Up) – Dr Nathan Bray: Bangor University: The Applied Learning for Preventative Health Academy (ALPHAcademy).
  • Sustainability (Winner) – Professor James Gazzard: Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge: 150 years of delivering adult education
  • Partnerships – Imperial College London: Initiative to widen access to its world-class teaching.
  • Research (Joint Winner) – Dr Helen Pokorny: University of Hertfordshire: Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Research (Joint Winner) – Associate Professor Andrea Todd: University of Chester: The Student-Parent Project
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr Liz Marr



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