Recognising Talent for Care: Pathways for Progression







This webinar showcases the outcomes of an NHS England sponsored project including how the SEEC Descriptors have been used to establish the credit value of the Senior Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship. The project has the potential to establish a model for ascribing credit to apprenticeship more widely.
Presenter: Professor Darryll Bravenboer, Middlesex University and Clare Dunn, Open University

This webinar is part of a series: “The impact of the SEEC Credit Level Descriptors”. SEEC’s Credit Level Descriptors remain the most detailed descriptors for assessing levels of academic learning and are widely used by HE providers across the UK. The Credit Level Descriptors are now referenced on the IfATE website and are highlighted in the QAA HE Credit Framework for England. In 2021 the SEEC Credit Level Descriptors underwent a substantive review to reflect some significant changes that have taken place within the sector and to ensure alignment with further contemporary developments. These developments range from the arrival of microcredentials to the design, development and delivery of degree apprenticeships. In April 2019, SEEC published a set of papers showcasing the application of the Descriptors in course design, curriculum development, supporting learning outcomes, and developing new qualification pathways within universities and professional bodies.

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