Our international Vice Chair Dr Rob Mark, in his role of PASCAL Learning Cities Coordinator, was joined by professionals and students from Donetsk University to join a weeklong programme at University of Glasgow. The programme was organised and delivered by Dr Rob Mark, joined by Professor Margery McMahon with support from Professor Mike Osborne, PASCAL Observatory Director.

The group members from Donetsk University, including Rector Professor Svitlana Marova, Vice Rector Valentyna Tokareva, staff from the Departments of Management, Tourism and Logistics, Foreign Languages and student representatives. They were joined by members of staff from Glasgow University who also contributed to the programme.

The aims of the programme were to help improve leadership structures, find more about the Learning City concept and how Learning Cities can help to provide support. It also was to enhance university development through building capacity at their Leadership Centre and through their Third Age University Programmes. Including workshops on promoting professional development of staff, research excellence, community development and a focus on Learning Cities, peace building and Senior Learning – Ukraine, similar to other countries in the region, has a high percentage of older people in the population (currently around 20%).

The international group identified further ways of working closely together through the project and it is the hope that this will further encourage local authorities to take up the Learning Cities concepts. It is the hope of the programme that both communities will continue to support and develop each other, share ideas, work towards conflict resolutions highlighting global challenges and improve the quality of provision.

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